Teaching YE

Yes, YE is taught in a variety of settings across the country, from traditional classrooms to after school clubs to correctional facilities. If you see a way to fit the YE curriculum resources into what you are facilitating, then feel free to implement and innovate.
Yes, YE is being woven by educators into various content areas, like math, art, and theatre. We believe the development of the entrepreneurial mindset applies to all areas. If you see a way to fit the YE curriculum resources into what you are teaching, then feel free to implement and innovate.
YE encourages educators to “do first, talk later”, debriefing is the “talk later” part. Post-activity discussions involve asking questions that highlight the activity’s core concepts and Foundational Values. Each of our activity guides includes a suggested list of debrief questions that allow the discussion to progress naturally. Be sure to allow adequate time in your lesson plans for debriefing.
Ask your students! You can set parameters related to cost and where you might purchase auction items to keep student requests realistic. Consider asking your school, they could offer things like apparel, homework passes from teachers, discounted prom tickets, etc. Also, you will learn over time what your students are interested in – Be willing to “fail” as you figure out what they value. You can learn more helpful tips about auctions under “YE Culture” on YE Academy.
One way to recruit students for your YE class is by marketing your program within the building. This includes holding activities in the hallways or commons areas, inviting other classes to engage in the activities or competitions, and especially Market Day. Allowing students to see that YE is different from other classes will peak their interest. Also, seek out teacher or staff referrals of students who might benefit from the class. Consider requiring applications, along with teacher recommendations, or collaborate with counseling staff.
The Training & Curriculum team is here for you! You can find our contact info at https://yeacademy.org/contact-ye/.

Market Day

The loan amount your students request should be based upon thorough market research, detailed costing of their product/service, and realistic estimation of sales. Your role is to help them with these steps, then use their research and planning to vet the amount they request. If you feel the loan amount is too high, help students think through their financials, as well as any substitutions for ingredients/materials of their product/service.
While we want every YE student to understand the seriousness of taking a loan and repaying it, we also want to provide a low risk environment for students to learn from failure. If you have a group that cannot fully repay their loan, the most important thing to do is help them understand what went wrong. If there is product remaining at the end of Market Day, help them brainstorm what other locations or customers might be interested in purchasing it (think neighborhoods, churches, school staff, etc.). You could also talk with your administration to see if the hours of Market Day could be extended in some way (selling after school, selling on another day, etc.). Some educators require their students write an essay or complete community service as a way to “pay back” the loan funds. You must report the loss on your “YE Market Day Form” and submit to YE.

Core Curriculum

YE has created a Core Curriculum that we encourage each facilitator of the YE program to follow. The Core is comprised of four pillars that are emphasized throughout the course – Foundational Values, soft skills, human action model, and markets. The Core also contains a set of concepts taught through fourteen suggested activities. While we suggest the fourteen activities, they are not “non-negotiable”. We encourage YE educators to be entrepreneurial, so we offer alternative activities to use if you feel they would better suit your situation.
Although there is no “correct order”, we designed the Core Curriculum to scaffold knowledge as students progress through the recommended path. We encourage sticking with this path, at least in the beginning; however, we understand that each educator and class of students is different. Feel free to innovate as you become more comfortable with the core concepts. Additionally, you may find the need or desire to add additional activities throughout the year to reinforce the concepts.
You will need approximately 40-44 hours to devote the YE core curriculum.


Each facilitator of the YE program is assigned a Stakeholder Relations Manager (SRM). Also, you can share with your SRM any opportunities that you encounter to see if YE can help get you and/or your students involved– These could be potential field trips, professional development, etc. Be sure to keep your SRM updated with the interests of your students, so they know what kind of opportunities to look for and share with you.
You can email TeacherAdminSupport@youthentrepreneurs.org with any questions related to your P-card and expense reports. Other helpful documents can be found under “Resources” on YE Academy.
For questions related to getting YE in your school, funding, and donor support, please check out https://www.youthentrepreneurs.org/our-program/faq.

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