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Free innovative learning resources rooted in eight  Foundational Values to engage your students and transform your classroom.

Founded in 1991, Youth Entrepreneurs is a nonprofit organization that equips young people with the values and vision to pursue their dreams. Our goal is to inspire students to break through barriers, take control of their own futures and seize opportunities for good. That’s why we’ve made our unique, hands-on curriculum available to implement in your classroom—for free.

YE instilled so much confidence in me. I want other students to feel that anything is possible.

— Maleni Palacios; NAHS, Atlanta

Youth Entrepreneurs ignited a fire in me, and it gave me the confidence that I could actually start a business.

— Betsy Smarts; THS, Kansas

YE gave me a medium at a young age to express my thoughts, my dreams and my passions without any fear. I mean, that’s life changing.

— Akinbola Geof; GHS, Atlanta

I love how this curriculum helps students develop an entrepreneurship mindset. It connects them to their future while sitting in class.

— Maleni Palacios; NAHS, Atlanta

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Is YE Just for Business Teachers?

With curriculum rooted in foundational values and timeless principles, YE can be applied across many educational disciplines and settings such as homeschool environments, after-school programs, summer enrichment, labs, alternative schools and correctional facilities.

YE in Your Classroom

YE is a for-credit class offered in high schools across the country. This full-scale version of our program provides educators with hands-on training and dedicated staff support, while students are offered a myriad of mentorship and learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

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Transformation in Action

In schools where our program has been implemented, we have seen nearly double the graduation rates of YE students versus non-YE students.

According to our 2016-2017 student survey:

90% of YE students would recommend the class to another student.
78% of students say YE positively changed their future education and career goals.
81% of YE students plan to seek higher education.

Invest in Your Community

We work with donors to provide the funds to implement the YE program into their school as a dedicated class. Our partners are similarly dedicated to opening the door to economic empowerment for students and placing them on a path to prosperous futures for themselves and their communities. If you would like to learn more about donating to or partnering with YE to provide entrepreneurship education for students across the country, click below!

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