Pitch It To Me! Liberal

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  • 02/28/2017
  • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Show up, Pitch It, and Win Big!

Tell us about your Dare to Dream experience.  YE’s Foundational Values below are for your reference.

  • Responsibility:  Take responsibility for your own life.  No one will ever be as concerned about your success as you.
  • Be Principled:  Always act with integrity, respect, and toleration.
  • Knowledge:  Seek and use the best information, drive change that benefits others, and exemplify humility and intellectual honest.
  • Freedom:  Respect the rights of others and study the links between freedom, entrepreneurship, and societal wellbeing.
  • Passion:  Find fulfillment in your life by improving the lives of others.
  • Opportunity:  You make your own opportunities.
  • Sound Judgment:  Use economic thinking to create the greatest benefit using the least resources.
  • Win-Win Focus:  Cooperation creates real value in society- or yourself and others.

YE Academy Possible Points:

Pitch Attendees:  15

Pitch Points:  10

Survey:  12

Come, Pitch, and Survey is 37 points.

Up to 100 additional YE Academy points possible from the judge(s)

After the event, log onto YouthEntrepreneurs.org to claim your points!


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