ESS Speaker (Dallas Area) – Spencer the Barber

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  • 02/27/2017
  • 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Times : 5:30 Dinner

6pm Speaker

Location: Mac Bernd Professional Development Center

1111 Arbrook

Arlington, TX

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Booker T. Spencer (Coach Spence) 


Business development coach, speaker, facilitator, and trainer for Bootstrap Entrepreneurship.

Booker T. Spencer never imagined, while working at the Houston Chronicle in 1999 as a press operator and reading about celebrity athletes, that seven years later he would be a highly sought after and industry respected barber with a roster of athletes and corporate CEOs. He was always reminded of the words to the Aretha Franklin theme song to the icon 90’s sitcom, “It’s a different world from where you come from.” After much frustration in corporate America, Spencer’s opportunities were limited and the world of barbering opened its doors without judgment.

His entry into the tonsorial field has yielded a national reputation for him and his now famous “Spencer the Barber” training seminars. His highly viewed YouTube video has yielded him a contract with AAFES, the largest military retailer in the world and it has garnered him several top news features in leading TV affiliates including WB, FOX and ABC.

It was no easy path to this success. Spencer spent a few years following the tried and true method of barbering from various chairs throughout Houston’s leading barbershops. Then as a member of the Texas Association of Tonsorial Artists (TOATA), He met Adell Maxie, Jr. who was Houston’s TOATA President. Under Maxie’s mentoring, Spencer learned the “business” of barbering and understood the profound vision of thinking big. Spencer said “Maxie gave me the vision of thinking beyond my barber chair.”

For more information about Spencer the Barber click on the link booker-t-spencer-bio

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